More, more and more

More, more and more that’s what i say!

The last twelve months have been life changing. I have had a wonderful opportunity of dancing in the first integrated dance company in Sweden called ‘SPINN’. At the beginning of the year I spent two months in Gothenborg and the surrounding areas meeting and rehearsing with the other dancers from ‘SPINN’. There are three from Sweden, one from Spain and myself. I learned so much while i was living over there, involving dance and about myself. I met some lovely people who have become true friends. I loved being a part of Swedish life. Since then ‘SPINN Dance Company’ are on the up! The lady with the driving force is Veera Suvalo Grimberg who established ‘SPINN’ and with immense energy and a small team behind her has been making us known in the world of dance and theatre. I have been back a couple of times to perform with ‘SPINN’ and will do again in the near future. The plans for ‘SPINN Dance Company’ are very exciting and they include working with a choreographer from Finland to create a new piece in the New Year.

What with me coming back and forth from Sweden its been hard to catch up with Robbie but putting our schedules together, finding time has happened. Our piece that we performed at Edinburgh Festival last year, ‘Ups and Downs and Whoopsie Daisies’, was received well and we are really pleased with it. We are wanting to develop a new piece and at the moment are back in the studio researching new moves and ideas. We’re also applying for funding.

Another year of ‘Rhinestone Rollers’ and this time it was bigger and better! The costumes were amazing, so elaborate and our driving skills were put to the test but we all passed with flying colours, Lol! The best of it was when we were all in a row wearing tutu’s, about to perform Swan Lake and looking at the astonishment on the audiences faces. It was an amazing feeling. Trafalgar Square for thirty minutes became the most magical place in the world. Thanks to Graeae Theatre Company, Rachel Bagshaw and choreographer Marc Brew and the Designers for the fantastic costumes.